What Type Of Application we Daily Use?

What Type Of Application we Daily Use?

As we know today is the world of technology and every use some kind of systems involving the technology. There are many ways to communicate with each other such as through mobiles, laptops, tablets, computes, iPod etc. and our mobile phones and computers are loaded with software. Before using mobiles or computer we have to download their software and applications because applications help the users to perform the single or multiple task. Software application is that which is used directly by the users for completing their task. This software needed to be installed separately on the device. It provides the platform that enables the communication between the devices and users.

There are three types of apps.

  1. Native apps
  2. Hybrid apps
  3. Web apps

Native apps:

These apps are developed for the single mobile operating system. App built for the systems like iOS, android, windows phone, Symbian, blackberry can be used on a platform other than their own. 

Main advantage of native app is the high performance. You can access to the native apps from app store of their kind.

Hybrid apps:

Hybrid apps can be generated using the multiple platforms web technologies for instance, CSS and Java script etc.

They are fast and it is easy to develop relatively. 

Web apps:

These are the application that behave fashion similar to the native apps. These apps uses browser to run and are usually written in HTML5, or CSS etc. it does not need huge memory from the devices.

There are 33 categories of apps in google play and 24 apps in apple’s app store. People using apps for the different purposes. There are many apps for different tasks in mobile play store such as, for games, security, locker apps, business apps, apps for education, life style apps, entertainment apps, utility apps, travel apps etc. new generation is using apps even for small purposes. You can install them through the play store or from the google too.

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