most downloaded apps in the world

6 most downloaded apps in the world

As of March 2018, the Google Play Store had approximately 2.6 million apps available for download. Which may include an app for chatting, one for learning, and many other apps just to make your life simpler and easier. If you have not already estimate by that number, there is an app for everything.

There are some apps that are most downloaded in the world.

Messaging Apps:


WhatsApp is no doubt the most downloaded immediate messaging app for Android and other smartphone users also. The WhatsApp app was launched in 2009 by ex-Yahoo employees just like a start-up. However, its popularity increased so rapidly that the creators of the application added an annual charge for using the service of the app to minimize the number of subscriptions.

 Facebook Messenger:

 Facebook-owned messaging application is the messenger. Its company first came up with the idea of Facebook chat in 2008 but not 2011 that Facebook launched Messenger, which help users to connect with their friends and family by chatting, individually and in groups also, rather than sending simple text messages.

Social Media Apps:


Predictably, Facebook continues is the king of social media still – and this app is used on everyone’s smartphone. Facebook launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, the application of Facebook serve as a social media platform to upload and share photos, videos, media, news and other interesting material with friends and family, also maintain a friends list, create groups, events and pages, and brook their live videos.


YouTube serves as a video platform for users to watch, share and download videos and YouTube has every type of content for every age group. It was launched in 2005 by three former PayPal employees.

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