How to create and send custom sticker on WhatsApp

How to create and send custom sticker on WhatsApp

There are many tips and tricks in the tech world. Sending the postcards on the Xmas is a thing of the past and as nobody wishes to go over the bother of purchasing and position them one after another. It is stated that individuals have now moved on to numerous social media site and immediate messaging stages to direct their celebratory greetings to their family and friends. Though, there are numerous random pictures or the messages we copy and send to the contacts. Just in case you are considering sending somewhat original this New Year, we suggest you to make your own message. The innovative Stickers feature that the WhatsApp has presented a few months back can help you in this. The new feature lets consumers to copy and send the stickers to the family and friends.

How to create custom stickers

To make this happen, first, you will need an application ‘Background Eraser’ and a picture to change it in to the sticker.

  • Copy whichever free to usage the picture that you need to change in to sticker
  • Now open the ‘Background Eraser’ application and open the copied picture
  • Remove the background from the image and save it
  • Make as a minimum 3 such pictures as the WhatsApp doesn’t let to include a Sticker pack with a less than 3 pictures.

How to add the Sticker pack on WhatsApp

Go to Play Store, download the application and Install it — Personal Stickers for the WhatsApp from the Google Play Store

  • The application will by design identify the stickers made
  • Press the Add button
  • Now, move to the WhatsApp
  • Open another chat window
  • Press on the ‘Smiley’ icon and choose the ‘Sticker’ sign from the bottom place
  • Search for Sticker and press on the sticker to send it

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