How Camera Affected On our life In Future?

How Camera Affected On our life In Future?

As we know that we live in the world of technology. Our lives revolve around it. There are many items that are the invention of technology. Few things are unrelated to technology. Technology becomes the essential part of our life. If we talk about technology of photography then first idea that came to our mind is about camera. Camera is the most popular invention of technology. It plays the most important role in our life. It is just like indispensable thing. If look for history of camera then there is a huge history about it. Camera is actually an optical instrument to capture still images or to record the moving images.

There are different types of camera such as digital SLR, bridge camera, instant camera, mirror less interchange camera, 360 camera. Some types of cameras in photography are photographic camera, digital camera and camera phone. In photography, camera is also used, before the development of photographic camera some substances had been known such as, silver salts, darkened when expose to the light. Now a day, camera come in many different forms.

  Camera has wide application in educations, in computer, in journalism, in film, in daily life, in medical field, such as in surgery, in CT scan, in endoscopy, in diagnostic tools, and also in forensic lenses.  In computer, camera works for streaming the image in real time from computer to computer. Traditional camera have evolved a lot. Today cameras are so tiny so that they can be easily fit within cell phone and can take pictures and can make video. A smartphone with a 20 megapixel is uncommon. At that time camera can be created so small so that it can be incorporated in a pair of glasses easily. while cameras has application mentioned above, it has other applications too that are following, in security, traffic and NASA etc. people use CCTV cameras in their houses, in offices for the security point of view.

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