Benefits of using Android Smart Phone… Android

Benefits of using Android Smart Phone

Apple is the technology industry leader with the solid repute and extremely wanted products. Regardless of this, the Android had combined an impressive 86.2% of smart phone deals as of the 2nd quarter of the year. How did the Apple’s largest competitor slide past Apple in the competition for technology supremacy? Though the list is fairly long, here are the top explanations that so various fans select Android over the Apple.

More Phone Choices

Apple fans have a narrow collection of mobiles existing for advancements, while Android operators have numerous trademarks of mobiles to select from at diverse expense levels.

Removable Storage and Battery

Increasing storage size in the iPhone or the iPad needs a pricy upgrade, however numerous Android devices have increasable micro SD card slots. The Android batteries are too detachable, letting for change of only the battery and not the whole cell phone.

Better Hardware

Certain Android lead mobiles race well in contradiction of the iPhone, with improved hardware. The Galaxy S7 Edge by Samsung, for instance, out classes the iPhone 6S+ with a quicker processor, extra RAM, bigger battery size and improved screen resolution.

Better Charging Options

The Android’s quick charging is tempting enough deprived of one more added Android charging bonus: the wireless.

More App Choices

With the Android mobiles, you can buy for applications outside Play Store at websites for example Amazon.

Custom Keyboards

If you do not like the Apple keyboard, your choices are restricted, however Android deals substitute picks for example Swiftkey.

Google Play Is More User-Friendly

Together the Apple Application Store and the Android’s Google Play deal above than one million downloadable applications. Though, the App Store has limits, for example an obligatory iTunes interface and a necessity that downloaded videos be played on the Apple devices.

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