Best free apps in 2018… Applications

Best free apps in 2018… Applications

There are numerous mobile applications on the platforms. But the best free applications in 2018 are:


1Weather is around as whole of a weather application as you can discover. It derives with all types of stuff counting present circumstances, predictions, locater, estimates, and fun facts around weathercasting, charts, and also a sun and the moon chaser. The design is beautiful too and the application comprises equally decent and rather configurable widgets. It is free to usage and the 1.99 dollars cost is just to eliminate promoting. With the understanding that you do not mind the random banner advertisement, you receive all of the features in free version.


AppLock is an Android application that derives with lots of choices. You can fee for it, acquire best features, and no promotion. On the other hand you can see promotion, get the best features, and not fee something. Lastly, you can also use it advertisement free, but deprived of best features. The pick is yours. The application itself is a decent, however influential application that lets you to secure your applications up tight with the PINs so that nosey eyes cannot see them. This is very smart if you have curious roomies, children, or if you only need some peace of mind. You can install the application without paying anything with or without advertisements (your select).

Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager is one of rare decent costless password manager applications. It functions like maximum password managers. You receive a vault with the all of your user names and PINs. You can save as numerous as you need deprived of concern and recover them as required. In adding, the application has a 256 bit Advanced Encryption System encryption and it is completely an open source.

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