Reasons to buy an iPhone…

Reasons to buy an iPhone…

Let me begin by mentioning that I like the Android cell phones. I love the diversity of hardware and the countless software customization selections. The Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and the Google Pixel 2 are particularly fascinating for those who need the sexiest style and most exciting camera, correspondingly. However when maximum friends and family question me what mobile to purchase, I incline to suggest the iPhone over the Android. Here are some reasons why the iPhone beats Android.

Much, much faster

iPhone is very much faster than the Android cell phones available around the world. People do not notice this feature of the iPhone that it offers you the best speed amongst all other mobile phones that come with the Android.

Better hardware and software integration

If you want both hardware and software to work efficiently then I would suggest nothing else than an iPhone. As iPhone have a great blend of hardware and software working together to meet our expectations.

Easiest phone to use

If you have been using an iPhone before then you might know that iPhone didn’t change a lot over the past years. You just need to unlock it and use it the way you want.

OS updates when you want them

You can have the Operating System updates whenever you want. No forced updates will happen in the device.

The best apps first

Many people don’t know but many of the famous or good mobile applications were firstly introduced on the app store and later they were added to Play Store.

Works beautifully with Macs

An iPhone works impressively with the Mac. If you have a MacBook and you need to connect your mobile with the phone, then iPhone is the best choice you’ll ever make.

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