What are the 4 main categories of computer hardware...?

What are the 4 main categories of computer hardware…?

Computer hardware states to the physical gadgets that structure the computer. For instance include the monitor, disk drive and keyboard.

Hardware things can be ordered into 4 diverse groups:

Input devices

As we all know that we need something to enter the data to the computer. To do so we have input devices. These input devices are connected to the computer and then the data is given to the computer. The most common example of the input devices is a keyboard. You can write whatever you want and give commands to the system. Other examples include scanner, camera etc.

Processing devices

After entering the data, we need some device to process it. The devices that process the raw facts and figures given to the computer are called the processing devices. These devices are very important to the computer as no processing or work can be done without them. The best example of the processing devices is the Central Processing Unit or the CPU.

Output devices

After processing the raw facts and figures, the data needs to be displayed to us. The data is displayed over the output devices. These devices can display output of any type. You can watch movies, play games or read whatever you want with these output devices. Furthermore, output devices can also give output as text. The best examples of the output devices are the LCDs and Printers.  

Storage devices

If you are willing to store the data for the long term usage, then you need to store it somewhere. The storage devices are used to store the data for using it again later. There are many storage devices for example, the hardware device, CD, DVD, USB and memory card etc. These are some of the most common storage devices.

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